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Can your Irvine Trust Attorney complete a Medicaid Trust?
Yest our top Irvine Trust Attorney would be happy to assist with a Medicaid trust.

What is a QTIP?
Our best Irvine trust attorney can answer this: A qualified terminable interest property trust (QTIP trust) is a more restrictive version of a marital trust that allows someone to provide trust income for their surviving spouse and ultimately pass the trust assets to different beneficiaries.

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I need an Irvine Trust Attorney to assist with a Joint Trust, can you help?
YES, definitely, our Irvine Trust Attorney would be more than happy to help.

What is a Life insurance Trust?
According to our Irvine Trust Attorney, An irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) is specifically intended to hold a life insurance policy. Life insurance proceeds are typically not taxed as income, but the value of the death benefit is ultimately includable in the gross valuation of the deceased’s estate.

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I am looking for an Irvine Trust Attorney that can help with a family trust.
Of course, our Irvine Trust Attorney here are Irvine Probate Law would be glad to help.

What is a Generation-skipping Trust?
According to our Irvine Trust Attorney, This type of irrevocable trust allows very wealthy estates to avoid paying estate tax more than once.
The beneficiaries of the trust are typically the grantor’s grandchildren.

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Does Irvine Probate Law generate Testamentary Trusts?
Definitely, as a bonafide Irvine Trust Attorney we are able to create a testamentary trust.

Will your Irvine Trust Attorney create a Bypass Trust?
Our top Irvine Probate Trust attorney with create an AB trust to help protect your assets.

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Does Irvine Probate Law work on a Revocable Living Trust?
Yes, As an Irvine Trust Attorney, we offer Revocable Trusts at an affordable rate.

How About an Irrevocable Trust?
Yes, Our trusted Irvine Trust Attorney can create an Irrevocable Trust as well.

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Is Irvine Probate Law an Irvine Trust Attorney?
Yes, Irvine Probate Law is a great Irvine Trust Attorney.

Is there an Irvine Trust Attorney that can work on a Charitable trust?
Yes, Irvine Probate Law has a great Irvine Trust Attorney that can assist you today!

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